Cycling in the Region of Valencia

In the Region of Valencia, save high mountain and tropical jungles, we can find practically every kind of landscape. Thick forests to the north and the interior of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, well-conserved beech groves, yew stands, kermes oak, cork and savin trees, and sub-desert locations that boast extremely high botanical value. Mountain peaks towering almost two thousand metres high, with high-altitude vegetation, and vast marshes flanked by rows of dunes next to the sea.

This diversity of ecosystems provides for a unique natural environment of over three thousand different plant species. Many of them are exclusive endemic species, with areas home to varieties that have disappeared or are non-existent in the rest of Europe. These locations also provide shelter to countless fowl during their annual migration, amongst protected natural parks that can be tranquilly explored by bicycle. Within Europe, this wealth makes the Region of Valencia one of its prime examples.

With over half of the territory populated by mountains, there is also a steep incline, more due to the region’s dichotomy than its altitude: mountain-coast, hills and valleys, sun and shade, snow and sea. A constant driving force that creates dynamism and conditions the vegetation, fauna, economy, and above all else, human presence.


Cycling experiences in the Region of Valencia

Els Ports MTB Centre

Alto Palancia MTB Centre

Alto Mijares MTB Centre

Costa de Azahar MTB Centre

El Valle MTB Centre

Los Serranos MTB Centre

La Ribera MTB Centre

Massís del Caroig MTB Centre

El Comtat MTB Centre

Vall de Pop MTB Centre

Del Mar Greenway

Ojos Negros Greenway

Llíria Greenway

Xurra Greenway

Safor Greenway

Dénia Greenway

Alcoi greenway

Xixarra Greenway

Ibi Greenway

Maigmó Greenway

Torrevieja Greenway

A Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes across the province of Alicante

Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes in the Province of Castellón.

TransCastellón Route

Ruta del Azahar

Jaume I's Route to Vall d’Albaida


imagen la vall

Cycle Tourism routes across la Vall d'Albaida

The Vall d'Albaida region, made up of 34 municipalities and located south of the province of Valencia, is an inland jewel that houses numerous cultural and natural attractions. Its proximity to the coast and the provincial capitals, make it a perfect place for rural and inland tourism, as well as cycling.

imagen ruta ciclo

Bicycle tourism through “exotic Valencia”

I was born in the Netherlands in my memories all winters are cold, dark and grey. As a child, we received deliciously sweet tangerines and oranges in December, and they told us they were from Spain, though I didn’t yet know exactly where it was. Somewhere in southern Europe.

Ruta btt Alto Mijares

The Alto Mijares, an autumnal paradise for lovers of mountain biking

The Region of Valencia is a true paradise for lovers of mountain biking and autumn is the best time to get out there.