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Enduroland Mtb

Castellón Mediterráneo
Puebla de Arenoso


Enduroland Mtb is the result of 17 years’ work in the recovery and adaptation of mountain bike routes in the county of Alto Mijares. In this time, the previous company, Geoextrem, devoted part of its profits and time into restoring an extensive network of paths that linked farmhouses, villages and fields for a new use: the Enduro-All Mountain.

Many friends and councils also help in the restoration of some of these paths.

They consider themselves a family with a small forest management company, intrepid in exploring to discover old paths that forest has swallowed up over the years. In fact, they spend more time cleaning and maintaining these paths that actually riding their bikes. In 2017 they went a step further and made use of all this work in creating and developing the Enduroland MTB project, a Trail-Centre specifically for Enduro-All mountain bikes using paths that are shared and maintained all year round.

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Enduroland Mtb

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C/Sauco nº2, CP 12428, Puebla de Arenoso, Castellón