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Els Tres Regnes

Castellón Mediterráneo
El Boixar

A mountain cycle tourism route designed for mountain bikes, running through the Tinença de Benifassa Natural Park, Els Ports and the Matarranya region. This wild route is of spectacular beauty, with deep river canyons, vertiginous peaks and dense forests, including the southernmost beech forest in Europe. This circular route does pose a challenging element, and can be completed in two or three stages. In total, it is 180 km long, with the start and end point in the Castellón village of El Boixar.

The webpage can personalise the route, make the stages shorter so the trip lasts more days, or for cycle tourists who prefer pavement, undertake logistics to complete Volta als Ports on a road bike and travel through each and every one of the Tinença's towns.

Route should ideally be completed in 3 stages, joining the 3 old historic kingdoms of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia.

180 km to fully traverse two protected natural parks, the Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park and the Dels Ports Natural Park.

There is also the road option, custom designed for the visitor. The purest form of cycle tourism, we visit the seven villages in Tinença de Benifassà.


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Els Tres Regnes

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