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Imágen de cicloturistas en el litoral de Castellón
Cycling in the Region of Valencia
Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.


normas circulacion bicicleta

Cycling is a sport with many followers and supporters worldwide. Road, mountain and city bikes are gaining popularity, not only because they help keep users fit and healthy, but also because it is an economical, environmentally-friendly way of getting round that improves mobility in large cities where there are often traffic jams and it is becoming increasingly difficult to park a car.

imagen macizo del Caroig

One spring afternoon I decided to take the new gravel bike out and do a route I've done many times with the mountain bike, the one we always refer to in Quesa as “the Ludey loop”. This time, the plan was to do it anti-clockwise, to avoid the steep climbs going up to El Planil. The route takes me a short distance into the Caroche (or Caroig) massif and allows me to get a glimpse of the immense size of this region.

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What is the Eurovelo network?

EuroVelo is a network of 16 long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the whole European continent. The routes can be used by cycle tourists as well as by local people making daily journeys. EuroVelo envisages that the network will be substantially complete by 2020.

The aims of EuroVelo are:

almendro en flor

A calm, peaceful ride to Jérica, a hidden gem not only in terms of its cultural and natural heritage but also for the friendly locals.

To enjoy this route in an unhurried way, feeling all the sensations nature gives you, it's best to do it in stages and over more than one day. And if you're on an e-bike it's even better, as you get a bit of help when you need it to get up the hills without breaking out in a sweat.

Ruta Albares

An extensive network of trails makes for a great cycling route in the heart of the Alto Palancia region.

On Wednesday, as part of our research trips, exploring new paths and discovering little known locations, we went to take a look at Los Albares. This is complex jumble of hills that aren't excessively high or difficult to climb and where there's a mix of Mediterranean forest, managed pine forests and farmland.


imagen ruta el alto de las barracas

A mountain bike tour through one of the highest and most amazing landscapes in the Region of Valencia.

imagen de naturaleza en el rincón de Ademuz

A simple cycling route that involves hardly any climbing and takes you through towns alongside the Turia river in the Rincón de Ademuz region.