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Alto Palancia MTB Centre

Castellón Mediterráneo

The nine routes that form the Alto Palancia Mountain Bike Centre run through varied territory with sharp contrasts. The main natural attractions it holds are complemented by great cultural and patrimonial wealth, fruit of the intense human activity conducted throughout the course of history. Adapted to different difficulty levels, these routes invite the visitor to discover all this value at the slow pace provided by a mountain bicycle.

The routes offered penetrate the Sierra Calderona and Espadán Natural Parks, where you can visit sites of great touristic interest, such as Jérica, Navajas and Segorbe, and enjoy one of the longest greenways in Spain, the Ojos Negros Greenway. The centre itself is found on this very route. Of the nine routes offered, three of them begin at the information point located in Barracas, at the region's border.

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Centre BTT Alto Palancia

Open location
+34 964 713 211 / 606 089 696 / 652 959 335

Camping Altomira
A-23 Sagunto-Teruel, salida Navajas. Carretera CV-213, km 1

12470 Navajas (Castellón)