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Maigmó Greenway


Built during Primo de Ribera's dictatorship on complex orography, this railway posed a challenge to engineers at the time. Infrastructure work was completed in 1932, but the Civil War put a halt to it and the tracks were never laid. Reports from the 1960s dismissed lengthening it, and in 1984, the old platform was used for other purposes. 

The Greenway covers a surprising landscape, full of contrasts, from the Agost depression to the Maigmó mountains, with impressive watercourses, ravines and highly-eroded gullies. Patches of Mediterranean forest dot the route. There is a certain incline, reaching an altitude of 440 m, between the 220 m in Agost and 660 m above sea level in the port of Maigmó.

The last section bears gypsum, clay and gravel, resembling an Old American Western film set. The greenway boasts rest areas, protective rails and informative panels. There are a few short sections shared with automobiles, who are granted access to adjoining properties.

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Localización: Agost - Puerto del Maigmó.

Longitud: 22 km.