Jérica, the hidden gem

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Cycling in the Region of Valencia
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Jérica, the hidden gem

A calm, peaceful ride to Jérica, a hidden gem not only in terms of its cultural and natural heritage but also for the friendly locals.

To enjoy this route in an unhurried way, feeling all the sensations nature gives you, it's best to do it in stages and over more than one day. And if you're on an e-bike it's even better, as you get a bit of help when you need it to get up the hills without breaking out in a sweat.

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This bike route takes you along the Ojos Negros GreenWay, the longest disused railway line trail in Spain, surrounded by a spectacular landscape of orange groves, Mediterranean plant and animal life, and where it's easy to spot eagles, squirrels, hares and the famous “fardatxo” or jewelled lizard (Timon lepidus) that's very common here.

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The trail running from Algimia de Alfara along the old Ojos Negros railway line takes you to Segorbe, the capital of the Alto Palancia region, which welcomes you with its set of impressive architectural monuments listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest. This stage is classed as easy, so it's suitable for everyone.

Make the most of your rest to stroll around the streets in the old quarter and visit the monuments and museums: the Basilica Cathedral, the Seminary, Torre del Verdugo (executioner's tower), the 14th century aqueduct and the Medieval wall.

Leaving Segorbe to continue your journey, you cross mountains belonging to the Sierra Calderona nature reserve on your way to the "hidden gem" of Jérica.

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Here, the sight of the iconic Torre de las Campanas bell tower is your first impression of the town's amazing cultural heritage. The Mudéjar style tower was listed as a National Historic and Artistic Monument in 1979: More information. Don't leave Jérica without touring its magnificent historic quarter, featuring gateways, remains of the old town walls, churches and chapels.

After recharging your batteries in Jérica, make your way back to the town of Torres-Torres along the GreenWay, letting the breeze, sounds of nature and the peace and quiet fill your senses.