Ruta Bici Albufera

Easy Albufera

The company The Easy Way presents its Easy Albufera tour, which consists of a cycle ride through the Nature Park of La Albufera, a site which is unique in the world for its biodiversity and river ecosystem that extends from the village of Pinedo as far as Sueca.

The tour starts at The Easy Way’s store on Avenida de Francia 10, where this two-wheeled adventure sets out on its way to the village of Saler. At the jetty in Saler, the riders will load their bikes onto traditional Albufera boats, on which they will cross the canals of the rice fields and sail out into the lagoon as far as the jetty of Gola del Puchol. Once on the jetty, the bikes are disembarked and the tour continues by riding through this magnificent natural scenery, in silence and with zero emissions, respecting the local flora and fauna.

There are two ways to return to Valencia, along the seafront via the beaches of Saler and Pinedo or through the Nature Park itself, cycling through the Mediterranean forest. The tour has an official Region of Valencia guide, or you can go your own way using the maps of La Albufera that show all the bike routes available, produced by The Easy Way company. You can also choose between touring bikes or electric bikes, which means that the tours are also suitable for older or disabled people.

The tour can take from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the mode you prefer. You can also change the destination of the boat ride to that of El Palmar, a historic centre of rice growing where you can still see the old Barracas Valencianas where the fishing folk used to live. The distance to return from El Palmar to Valencia is 18 km.

The goal of this activity is to offer visitors sustainable and ecological contact with the nature, history, culture and environment of the Region of Valencia and to promote healthy tourism in the Nature Park of La Albufera. The Easy Way has always been committed to the spread of sustainable tourism, helping small local businesses to generate income that can support new jobs in a context of sustainability.

The price for the tour will be between 22 and 54 euros per person. There is an option to do three tours per day during the months of spring and summer. In autumn and winter there could be two tours per day. Each tour can set out with three boats and take 45 people. There is therefore capacity for 135 people per day in spring and summer and 90 people per day in autumn and winter.