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Alcoi greenway


This is built over the old Alcoi-Alicante railway, used to export products manufactured in Alcoi. As soon as we leave the city, the route brings us to the Carrascar de la Font Roja Natural Park. We can enjoy the highly diverse landscape in the area, riding amongst pine trees, kermes oak, alder, ash and Valencian oak. 

The Greenway crosses two impressive viaducts and several tunnels. It is advisable to have lights so as to avoid travelling in the dark, since their automatic lighting is not always operational. The Siete Lunas viaduct may also be observed, an impressive engineering feat towering 46 m over the Polop riverbed and measuring 260 m in length. 

Other points of interest are the bridge crossing the Batalla ravine, and the view of Alicante's mountains. The constant uphill path after leaving Alcoi comes to an end in the port of Carrasqueta.

At the end of the Greenway, on the Canal esplanade, the route can be continued to Agost, or even join with the Maigmó Greenway.

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Alcoi - La canal

10 km