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Xixarra Greenway


Also known as the Virtudes Greenway, the name Xixarra (Cicada) comes from the term used to refer to Alicante's trains, because of their exterior aspect and the monotonous sound of the locomotives compared with the sound of the cicadas, so abundant along the entire route.

It was part of the old route that covered two different inter-connected railways: the one that travelled Villena-Alcoi-Yecla, and the Alcoi-Gandía line. They both joined in Muro del Comtat.

The prepared section begins in the Santuario de las Virtudes and continues to the town of Biar, with a connection to the Southeast St James Way. This route does not have tunnels or spectacular viaducts, but it has long, leisurely, truly beautiful sections, with calm, serene stopping points under broad horizons. With hardly any hills, this route is a delicious outing, with the added attraction of the Biar and Villena fortresses.

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Santuari Les Virtudes - Biar.

15 Km.