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Safor Greenway


Of the 66 km travelled by the "Carcaixent-Dénia trenet (Carcaixent-Dénia little train)," only 13 were recovered, in the Els Poblets-Dénia section (Dénia Greenway), and the section between Gandía and Oliva.  The latter, known as the Safor Greenway, crosses beautiful orange groves between the two cities. It leads us to discover extraordinary monuments in both cities, especially the Borgia Castle in Gandía, and the Casa Mayans, secondary headquarters of the MUVIM. These monuments and museums are worthy of a thorough visit.

The network of irrigation ditches and traditional fields lies on both sides of the Greenway, running in a completely straight line to Oliva and flanked by old farmsteads and country homes. The proximity of urban hubs such as the Alquería de la Comtesa, Bellreguard, Palmera and Piles makes this Greenway more interesting. Moreover, it is very close to the best beaches on the Valencian coast.

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Gandia - Oliva.

7 km.