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Ibi Greenway


A very short route in the urban perimeter area of the city of Ibi, with alternating almond and olive groves. The old abandoned track runs through the wide agricultural valley separating the Menejador mountains (to the north), forming part of the Carrascar de la Font Roja Natural Park, and the Cuartel mountains to the south.

This section, recovered for families with children, individuals with reduced mobility, or people of a certain age who enjoy strolling during their leisure time, has a point of added interest: it goes around the Ciudad del Juguete (Toy City), and offers the possibility of visiting the museum.

Just 2 km away from the end of the Greenway, we find the Torretes-Font Roja biological station, where studies to improve and preserve Mediterranean flora are conducted. Its premises can be freely explored, amongst aromatic plants, rose bushes, cacti, fruit trees and other species from the Mediterranean ecosystem.

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1.5 km