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The El Valle Mountain Bike Centre, along with the Jalance, Ayora and Jarafuel information points, is the starting point for the routes to travel throughout a large part of the region.

The routes offered run through seven municipalities, with the Cabriel, Júcar and Cautabán Rivers acting as the backbone. El Valle's municipalities are home to a broad variety of tourist attractions, to combine mountain cycling with other activities: boating on the Júcar, canoeing down the Cabriel River, visiting the Ayora, Jalance and Cofrentes castles, or exploring the Don Juan cave with specialised guides.

The Cofrentes spa offers a relaxed, comforting stay, and can be the ideal complement to physical exercise. The signalled routes are equally distributed between four difficulty levels, with suggestive names such as Cañones del Júcar (Canyons of the Júcar) or Castillos del Valle (Castles of the Valley). The latter is a linear route that crosses the entire region.

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Centro BTT El Valle

Open location
+34 961 894 630

Pavelló Esportiu Manuel Tarancón
Carretera Requena-Almansa, s/n
46625 Cofrentes (Valencia)