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Costa de Azahar MTB Centre

Castellón Mediterráneo

The Costa de Azahar Mountain Bike centre is located in the Castellón town of Torreblanca, specifically on the Torrenostra beach. This is an ideal place to discover the coastal Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca and Sierra de Irta Natural Parks. The landscapes forming the territory crisscrossed by these routes are immensely beautiful, making for a diverse stage that opens out over the Mediterranean, combining traditional coastal tourism with active, cultural and athletic tourism. The ten routes offered lead us to discover unfrequented, hidden corners along the coast, as we ride next to archaeological remains, manor homes, abandoned country houses, fortified hermitages, sentry towers and modernist urban hubs. A great combination of culture and nature, complemented by the ever-present sea.

In addition to the welcome centre, the information points located in Peñíscola, Benicàssim and Desert de les Palmes, encompassing three natural parks, are offered as starting points. Route number 10, called the Camino del Litoral (Coastal Path), connects us to the towns of Benicàssim and Peñíscola, all without leaving the coast, and includes the Del Mar Greenway.

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Centro BTT Costa Azahar

Open location
+34 964 425 037

Camping Torrenostra
Playa Torrenostra
12596 Torreblanca (Castellón)