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The Camino de la Lana from Valencia and Requena


The Camino de la Lana (Wool Way), or better known as the Requena Way, is most likely the oldest and best-documented. It also holds the greatest historical consistency as far as its course is concerned, since both Romans and Arabs used it for travel, followed by wool merchants later in history.

The first pilgrimages to Santiago from Valencia, passing through Requena, began after the reconquest. The first collection written on paths in Spain to Santiago, by Pedro Juan de Villuga, describes it in detail. This collection documents a distance spanning 183 leagues, exactly the same distance it measures today. In his novel l'Espill, Jaume Roig describes his pilgrimage to Sant Jaume de Ponent, passing through Buñol and Requena, in 1456.

Recovered by Vicente Hernández, after tenacious, enthralling research work, the Requena Way is now entirely marked and signalled. It leads toward Santiago de Compostela, passing through Buñol, Siete Aguas, Requena, Utiel, Camporrobles and Mira, until joining the French Way in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

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El Camino de la Lana desde Valencia y Requena

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