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Molí Hospital

Castellón Mediterráneo

Molí Hospital (within the municipal area of Rossell) is only 3 km from the village of La Sénia (Tarragona). It is located on a stretch of the river Sénia where there are 8 of the 28 mills that lie along the full length of the river (which is 49km long from source to mouth). It may well be one of the most representative mills, both for its size as well as its state of conservation.

It is a former industrial and agricultural complex that dates back to the 14th century, at the foot of the Nature Park of Tinença de Benifassa and the Nature Park of Els Ports, and very near to the Delta de l’Ebre Nature Park. Its earliest use was as a flour mill, but it was later adapted to produce textiles, as a fulling mill, a paper mill, oil press and hydro-electricity plant. It is also the only mill in the Maestrat region that has a mansion, the residence of the families that have owned the property over the years, and a chapel.

Today, part of the mansion has been renovated as a resource for rural tourism and is listed by the General Directorate for Tourism of the Regional Government of Valencia as top-category tourist accommodation.

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Molí Hospital

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Partida Moli de l'Hospital, 2, CP 12599, Rosell, Castellón