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Massís del Caroig MTB Centre


The Albergue de les Alcusses (Alcusses Lodge), located in the municipality of Moixent, is the welcome point for the Massís del Caroig Mountain Bike Centre. This is where most of the routes that run through the regions of Canal de Navarrés, Costera and Vall d'Albaida begin, all of which are located to the south of the Valencian province, on the border with the province of Alicante.

The variety in landscape is one of the main features of the routes offered by this centre, straddling the Valencian mountain systems and the tableland. Along with the wealth of the landscape, the high number of tourist resources offered by the territory is of note. These include the nearby Bastida de les Alcusses, one of the most important Iberian sites on the Peninsula, wine tourism based in the Dels Alforins wineries, and the chance to enjoy valuable natural sites in the area, such as the Serra Grossa, highly attractive to cycle tourists.

In addition to the welcome point, other starting points located in Enguera and Navalón de Arriba are offered.

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Centro BTT Massís del Caroig

Open location
+34 962 920 054

Alberg Les Alcusses
Carretera de Moixent a Fontanars, km 8
46640 Moixent (Valencia)